Friday, August 31, 2012

JOKES - Mushrooms

Once upon a time, there is a princess who have a lovely garden. She really loves it and spends a lot of time playing in the garden.

One day, one of the guard suddenly got an idea.He buried himself under the ground and only let his penis stuck out like a mushroom.

The princess was really surprised to find a weird looking mushroom that she have never seen before in her beloved garden. Out of curiosity she began to poke it, pull it and become really surprised when the mushroom seems to respond to her touch. It must be a magical mushroom she thinks and began to roughly pulling at it and etc. Suddenly a weird white liquid splurt out of the mushroom and it began to wilt again. "What a weird kind of plant this is" she thinks to her self while rubbing the gooey white liquid.

That night, surrounded by his colleague the guard proudly boasts to his friend on how he gets the princess to play with his penis until he came all over her. Enthusiasms runs high in the barracks that night with none of them getting a wink of sleep at all.

The next morning, the princess enthusiastically rush to her garden to experiment more with her new magical mushroom that she found yesterday.

But to her surprise, her whole garden was suddenly invaded by this weird mushroom, it's like an epidemic that's out of control.

Her assistant, seeing the princess stunned by the sudden invasion of the mushroom on her lovely garden began to shout orders.


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